New Uncut Barrels


These bourbon barrels are brand new and straight from our manufacturer.

Used Uncut Barrels


True Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel's straight from the distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee.

Barrel Smokers


Our standard barrel smokers are a must have for any person who enjoys smoking meat while hanging out with family and friends.

Welcome to Barrel Of Smoke!

image, home to all your barrel smoking needs. We are the only website that sells authentic barrel smokers. All of our smokers are made out of new or used whiskey, bourbon, or wine barrels. We offer a wide selection of barrels including standard smokers, specialty smokers, new and used uncut barrels, and uncut specialty barrels. We also have a nice selection of smoking accessories. In addition to our smokers we offer half barrel planters for the gardener in the family. Click on the item for a more detailed description as well as current prices. If you have any questions please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.